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"What does ONENESS mean? it means there is only ONE. Nothing else exists. The ONE is all there is."

--- If there is only oneness, what has made us percieve all this illusion?

"Everything has a beginning and an END."
--- What about a geometric circle, where is its beginning or end? Is it possible that the universe itself is eternal?

"Everything has a SHAPE and a FORM and attributes like COLOUR, WEIGHT etc."
--- What about energy? what about gravity?

"GOD is therefore the ONENESS ... Because it is infinite - it encompasses all time and all space ... GOD is therefore outside of the realm of TIME and SPACE."
--- How do you know what is beyond TIME and SPACE? How could you know what is beyond SPACE and TIME?

Your body and brain has evolved from space and time, those are its very building blocks, as is your consciousness which has unfolded with it - by what other sensory means are you able to come to some sort of REALIZATION or RECOGNITION other than through the perception of your human brain?
Every thought and feeling and realization we make is filtered and recognised through our mind, however distant we believe we are from it. REALIZATION may not be an intellectual thought process, but it is still somethying which requires the mind to make it. If not, provide an alternative explanation for how a REALIZATION is made if not through the mind.

"Can there be TWO infinities? Of course not - because then neither is INFINITE."
--- what about infinite positive numbers and infinite negative numbers. What about inifinte irrational numbers and infinite prime numbers and a universe with infinite reality in which every particle or time or distance can be infinitely halved?

"The dreams APPEAR to be REAL. So Sach Khand or the inner flight of the soul will APPEAR to be real."
--- As REALIZATION might appear to be real?

"GOOD and BAD requires a PERSONAL VIEWPOINT ... Both of which are meaningless in NON-DUALITY."
--- But this is based on your REALIZATION that non-duality actually is reality. This is not the realization that most others have. Instead our realization is that there is world with many things, where people are capable of good and bad, however these qualities are defined. Humans are in fact capable of a spectrum of differnt behaviour, some exhbit more altruistic behaviour than others.

What happens if this reality is all we have and the reality is that those who behave according to a moral code benefit all of society to alleviate suffering insofar as possible, surely this is a desirable thing? I can assure you that a person living in abject poverty does not have the time or tendency to ponder these NONDUALISTIC luxuries. When our closest family members die or suffer we suffer with them, that is what makes us human, we dont enter some sort of existential nondualist nirvanna, cold hard reality bites and there is not a damn thing one can do, unless the reality becomes unbearable and we invent all sorts of psychosis that are more bearable.


"Now the truth is YOU WILL NEVER GET THERE."
--- Again, do you have any evidence at all for this claim or is it merely your word against RS?
How could you possibly know the truth?
Why do only a select few ppl know the truth?

Osho Robbins

The reason I am saying YOU WILL NEVER GET THERE is because there is nowhere to get. It is not my word against RS. I am not even asking anyone to believe me. I am simply saying that Sach Khand is NOT a place. So it is not possible to get 'there' when thers is no 'there'.

I asked a question in public some years ago - and this was Gurinder's reply:

Me: My God is HERE.

Gurinder: My God is also here

Me: But the sant mat books say....

Gurinder (interrupts) - burn all the books.

Me: Yes - that is fine - but the books say that God is in Sach Khand, and you have to traverse the REGIONS to get to Sach Khand.

Gurinder: It is just a way of explaining. It is not literal - there are no regions - they are just levels of consciousness - levels of awareness.

So there you have it - from the current head of the RSSB - and this was a dialogue in front of around 3000 disciples. Not a single person went to the mic to question huim further on this point.

So it's not my word against RSSB. It is what the current head of RSSB says.


Sure, I understand you are saying Sach Khand is not a place, but the satguru says it is a place.

I also understand that there is nowhere to get, you've explained that copiously, and then at other times you explain for real dialogue there needs to be a REALIZED person and someone who wants to 'get it'. So this is confusing cos if there is nothing to get, why would someone want to get it. LOL.

Anyway i am pulling your leg here, your logic is crazy, but you are a pretty patient person, so good luck to whatever you believe or REALIZE.

Osho Robbins

The current head of RSSB says it is NOT a place.

Exactly George - you need to 'get it' that there is nothing. It is not the same as simply saying there is nothing. Saying and 'getting it' is different. Once you 'get it' the search for 'something' ends but if you simply say it - it makes no difference and the search goes on. The search may change from 'something' to 'nothing' but the search is the same - it is a future goal again.

Yes - my logic is crazy because it is not logic at all. Hence you cannot understand and you are not meant to understand, because this is not a convenient philosphy or a teaching. Truth is not a philosophy or a teaching. It is a journey into your own true nature.

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